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    ST995c Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric 
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ST995c Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric

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short description:
This course familiarizes you with NetApp hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google
target group:
NetApp administrators and architects
NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) certification or equivalent knowledge
Cloud Fundamentals
Basic computer networking knowledge
This course familiarizes you with NetApp hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions and shows you how to weave the solutions into the Data Fabric powered by NetApp. In numerous exercises, you use NetApp and third-party tools to practice how to manage, move, and protect data throughout the cloud. The price of this course includes AWS and Azure resources that are used in the exercises.

This vILT training is a prerequisite for the NS0-146 certification.
duration: 5 days
price: 4500,- Euro + VAT
Netapp Training Units: 62

You can find the print view here.
Will be scheduled on request
Please let us know here, when you prefer to have this workshop!

  • This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Explain the value of the Data Fabric and NetApp Private Storage for Cloud (NPS for Cloud)

  • Describe NetApp Private Storage (NPS) networking requirements

  • Deploy a hybrid cloud for customers

  • Configure an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment, an Azure Virtual Network environment and Google for the hybrid cloud

  • Use PowerShell in a Data Fabric environment and extend customers' Microsoft Active Directory into the cloud

  • Explain the features of NetApp ONTAP Cloud software and NetApp ONTAP Select software

  • Use OnCommand Cloud Manager to deploy ONTAP Cloud instances and to create SnapMirror relationships between ONTAP Cloud software and data center clusters

  • How to migrate data between AWS and Azure

  • Cloud Control for Office365

  • ActiveIQ Performance and Analytics System

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