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  Automic (UC4) 
  Backup & Recovery 
  Business Continuity 
  ESET Security Solutions 
  Governance, Risk & Compliance  
  Industrie 4.0 
    BR302 NetBackup 8.x optimiert für ONTAP 
    BR410 Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) Fast Track 
    BR418 Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) inkl. Storageanbindung 
    BR420 Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design & Optimization 
    CL100 ROADMAP66 - Strukturiert in die Cloud 
    CL110 ROADMAP66 - Applikations Assessment und Transformation 
    CL150 Grundlagen der Administration von OpenStack 
    CL210 MS Azure Administration 
    CL220 Alibaba Cloud Administration 
    CL230 AWS Cloud Aministration 
    CL240 Google Cloud Administration 
    Labs: Clustered Data ONTAP Admin 9.5 
    LI147 Linux Grundlagen für SAP HANA 
    LI148 SAP HANA Hochverfügbarkeit mit SLES 
    LI152 Ansible - Systemdeployment & -management 
    NT100 Netzwerk IPv4/IPv6 Basics 
    NT105 Extreme Professional Ethernet Fabric IP 
    NT150 Netzwerkverkehrsanalyse mit Wireshark 
    RC350 Cloud Information Security (ISO 27017/27018) 
    SC310 Design & Implementierung von sicheren Unternehmensnetzen 
    ST006 NetApp SAN Reloaded 
    ST007 Applikationen beschleunigen mit NVMe 
    ST009 DRACOON - die sichere Enterprise File Lösung 
    ST012 Datacenter der Zukunft für SAP HANA 
    ST020 File Synchronisation und Dateimanagement 
    ST101 Brocade Switches Admin Basics 
    ST104 Brocade Switches Admin Advanced  
    ST106 Brocade Network Advisor (SAN) 
    ST108 Brocade SANnav Installation und Administration 
    ST109 Hadoop für Big Data Lösungen 
    ST200c ONTAP 9.x Admin Basics 
    ST214c NetApp ONTAP 9.x HW-Installation 
    ST216c MetroCluster 9.x Vorbereitung auf die Authorisierung 
    ST217c ONTAP 9.x - NAS Advanced 
    ST221c ONTAP 9.x "Data Protection & High Availability" 
    ST228 Clustered ONTAP 9.x Administration & Data Protection 
    ST230c Performance Analysis on Clustered Data ONTAP  
    ST233c ONTAP Troubleshooting 
    ST251c Implementing VMware vSphere on NetApp 
    ST254c SAP HANA und NetApp 
    ST260c NetApp SAN Implementation inkl. Brocade 
    ST262c Administration of OnCommand Management Solutions 
    ST264 Intellisnap for NetApp (SnapProtect) 
    ST265c SnapCenter & Data Broker Administration 
    ST266c PMS - Managing SAP / SAP-HANA Workloads 
    ST271c MetroCluster 9.x Install & Configure 
    ST272 Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E/EF-Series 
    ST273 FlexArray Install & Configure 
    ST280 OnCommand Insight: Installation, Intelligent Operation and 
    ST290 StorageGRID Installation und Administration 
    ST295c Integr. Hybrid Clouds & NetApp Data Fabric 
    ST901 Brocade Switches Admin Basics 
    ST917 NAS Advanced inkl. Multistore English 
    ST918c Storage Systems Recovery and Troubleshooting 
    ST933c ONTAP Troubleshooting 
    ST960c NetApp SAN Implementation incl. Brocade 
    ST980 OnCommand Insight Operations and Best Practices 
    ST990 StorageGRID Webscale Installation and Administration 
    ST995c Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric 
    VI112 VMware vSphere 6.x Fundamentals 
    VI113 VMware vSphere 6.x Advanced Features  
    VI115 VMware und PowerShell 
    VI120 VMware vSphere 6.7: Install, Configure, Manage  
    VI212 Container 1 - Docker 
    VI213 Container 2 - Kubernetes 
  NetApp für Partner 
  Security & Datenschutz 
  Storage Solutions 
  WS für Entscheider 
  WS International 

ST933c ONTAP Troubleshooting

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short description:
Analyse and identify Hardware- and Configuration issues
target group:
Experience NetApp Partner employees
NCDA certification and several years of ONTAP experience is absolutely necessary.
In this workshop the students learn methods to analyse hard- and software problems and how to use tools to check the system configuration.

This training is a prerequisite for the NetApp NS0-590 Certification (NCSE ONTAP Specialist)
duration: 4 days
price: 3600,- Euro + VAT
Netapp Training Units: 48

You can find the print view here.
Will be scheduled on request
Please let us know here, when you prefer to have this workshop!

  • ONTAP Troubleshooting
    • Clustershell Tipps and Tricks
    • Systemshell and FreeBSD
    • Kernel modules and Cluster Services
    • Essential Processes and Watchdog Daemon
    • Replicated Databases, Epsilon and Quorum
    • Configuration Databases
    • Job Manager and Scheduling
    • SK (simple kernel)
    • Logs and Traces

  • Network Troubleshooting
    • Ports (physical, IFGRP, VLAN)
    • LIFs (Backend and Frontend)
    • IPspaces, Broadcast Domains and Failover Groups
    • Firewall policies
    • Multitenancy with DNS, AD, NIS and LDAP
    • Cluster Interconnect and Cluster Session Manager (CSM)

  • Troubleshooting of NAS protocols:
    • SecD, Authentification and Usermapping (multiprotocol)
    • important Caches
    • NFS Services and configuration
    • NFS Filehandles
    • CIFS Services and configuration
    • User permissions
    • sectrace

  • Troubleshooting of SAN protocols:
    • MPIO and ALUA
    • Selective LUN mapping
    • bcomd and other Internals
    • Logs and Traces

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