Redemption of NetApp Training Units at training partner qSkills

General Information

All courses that can be paid for with Training Units (TUs) can be found marked with a blue box on our website. The number of Training Units required can be found in the respective course description.

NetApp TUs can only be used for courses that are completed before the Training Units expire. If you are unsure when your TUs will expire or if they are sufficient to attend a training course, please feel free to contact us. To do so, simply send us an email with your SO number to

For an extension of the Training Units please contact your NetApp representative.


You can easily register for the desired course date using our online form. For billing via Training Units, enter the corresponding Sales Order (SO) number in the "Billing Key" field. This usually starts with 4900.../4300.../4100...

For the participation in a NetApp training as well as the billing via TUs, a NetApp Support ID (Account) is mandatory. It can be created at

If you do not know your SO number at the time of training registration, please indicate in the comment field that the training should be billed via NetApp Training Units. However, the SO number must be submitted before the start of the training and must be chargeable. We will inform you in due time about non-debitable Training Units.

If no valid SO number is available by the start of the course, qSkills will invoice at the valid list price.