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ST904 Brocade FOS 8.x / 9.x Admin Advanced

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short description:
Troubleshooting and maintenance of an open SAN
target group:
Storage and SAN administrators, engineers and support staff
Attendence of the Workshop "ST901 Brocade Switches Admin Basics" or comparable knowledge is absolutely neccessary.
A central focus of the course is the monitoring, analysis and elimination of errors in the SAN. Practical examples are used to show how problems in the SAN can be proactively prevented and errors can be detected and eliminated. For this purpose, in-depth knowledge of the FC protocol is built up and the interrelationships and interaction of the individual components in the SAN are presented.

The course provides practical exercises to help you understand log files, hardware diagnostic output and PortLog dumps. In the course of practical exercises the participant will get an understanding of how problems and performance bottlenecks in the SAN can be identified and if necessary eliminated.

The presentation of security in the SAN and especially the implementation of advanced security like SCC, DCC and DHCHAP is another focus of the course.

The complex heterogeneous test environment consists of:
-Server : Windows, Linux or VMware
-Storage : NetApp controller e.g. Highspeed AFF A700
-Switches: Brocade G720/ G620/ 6505/ 6510

duration: 5 days
price: 3950,- Euro + VAT

You can find the print view here.

This workshop will be conducted on the following dates:
On the first day the course will start at 10:00 and will end on the last day at around 13:30.

location course formatstartendseats available?
enrol -> Online 

online classroom21.06.202125.06.2021 

  • Brocade Product Introduction
    • Hardware 8/16/32/64 GB Brocade Products
    • FOS 9.x
    • Brocade Support Link

  • Overview Brocade SANnav (BNA successor)

  • NVMe over FC
    • Demo Windows

  • SAN Design

  • Installation and configuration
    • Initial configuration
      • Fabric Parameters
      • TimeServer
      • Syslog
    • Initial security settings
      • Password Rules
      • RBAC
      • LDAP
      • RADIUS
      • ACL's
      • IP filter

  • Reporting and monitoring
    • Fabric Vision Technology
      • Definition
      • Components
        • MAPS
        • Flow Vision
        • ClearLink Diagnostics (D_Port)
      • SAN monitoring with SNMP
        • SNMP Components
        • SNMP Version Authentication

  • Administration and maintenance
    • Backup/Restore of the switch configuration
    • Firmware Maintenance
    • Firmware Upgrade

  • Advanced Zoning
    • Zoning Enforcement
    • Advanced Zoning Commands
    • Traffic Isolation Zoning
    • QoS Zoning
    • Peer Zoning

  • Fibre Channel Theory
    • FC protocol architecture (FC-0 to FC-4)
    • Communication channels

  • FC Routing
    • Principal Switch
    • Virtual Channel
    • FSPF Link Cost / DLS / IOD
    • Exchange Based Routing
    • Port Based Routing
    • FC-to-FC Routing (LSAN)

  • Trunking
    • Functionality
    • Port Based Routing
    • Exchange Based Routing

  • FC Long Distance
    • Distance Connectivity Options
    • Extended Fabric Configuration
    • E_Port Credit Recovery
    • Inflight Encryption and Compression
    • Diagnosis Port (D_Port)

  • Troubleshooting
    • Switch Status Commands
    • Analysis of Switch Error Messages, Fabric-Log and PortlogDump
    • Procedure for firmware download and connectivity problems
    • Performance Analysis
    • HBA Configuration

  • FOS Software Features
    • LSAN Zoning
    • Access Gateway

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