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Training: Backup & Recovery - Commvault - Certification

BR510-EN Commvault® Professional


Learn essential skills for configuring and administering Commvault® software using the Commvault Command Center™ to protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures.
The course BR510-EN Commvault® Professional provides all the information about the Commvault environment core components including:
  • Commvault CommCell® environment
  • Storage Configuration
  • User and network security
  • Servers and Features
  • Data management with Commvault
  • Monitoring the backup environment
The class is balanced between technical discussions using detailed diagrams and white board sessions, and hands-on labs using an Education Services CVLab environment focusing on the Commvault Command Center™.

This course is conducted in English. The course and presentation materials are in English.

This course can be usefully booked in combination with the two-day course BR511-EN Commvault® Advanced Configuration - CommCell Console, which usually takes place directly afterwards in the same week.
target group:
This course is intended for:
  • Administrators who are responsible for the operational aspects of their data protection
  • System architects who are responsible for configuration and deployment of Commvault and the workloads being protected
  • Users who are new to Commvault and setting up their data protection for the first time
  • Users who are new to managing Commvault in an existing environment and need to learn how their protection strategy works

The following prerequisites are helpful in order to be able to follow the pace and content of the course BR510-EN Commvault® Professional:
  • Basic knowledge of the Windows 20xx operating systems
  • Basic knowledge of backup & recovery

In addition to the theoretical introduction to the Commvault software, the course BR510-EN Commvault® Professional Foundations will look at concrete examples and application purposes on the Smartboard and in discussion with the participants. Of course, the course content will be supplemented with practical exercises in the available lab environment.

This training prepares you for the Commvault® Professional Exam Certification, which is part of the Commvault® Certified Professional Certification. Based on the new Commvault certification plan valid since January 2024, no further examination is required for the Commvault® Certified Professional Certification.

For a more detailed introduction to using the Commvault CommCell Console, we also recommend the following workshop:
BR511-EN Commvault® Advanced Configuration - CommCell Console

You can take the exam online via the Commvault Education website after the course. It is an "open book" exam, so you may use any tools you like when answering the questions.

The exam and certification are not part of this course.
price and duration:
duration: 3 days
price: 2160,- Euro + VAT

You can find the print view here.
Will be scheduled on request
Please let us know here, when you prefer to have this workshop!
  • CommCell® Environment
    • CommCell® Overview
    • Product Lines
    • Commvault Command Center™ Core Setup
    • Commvault Command Center™ Navigation
    • Features
    • Commvault Command Center™ Customization
    • CommCell® Core Components

  • Storage Configuration
    • Storage Overview
    • Disk Storage
    • Cloud Storage
    • Deduplication
    • Tape Storage

  • Security
    • Storage Policies
    • Retention

  • Client Administration
    • Users Security
    • Network Topologies

  • Data Management
    • Plans
    • Data Protection
    • Data Recovery
    • Job Management

  • Servers and Features
    • Servers and Server Groups
    • Agent Deployment
    • Files and Network Storage Protection
    • Virtual Machine Protection

  • Monitoring
    • Views
    • Alerts
    • Reports
    • Support