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    ST221c ONTAP 9.x "Data Protection & High Availability" 
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    ST230c Performance Analysis on Clustered Data ONTAP  
    ST233c ONTAP Troubleshooting 
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    ST930c Performance Analysis on Clustered Data ONTAP  
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Training: NetApp

ST930c Performance Analysis on Clustered Data ONTAP

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short description:
ONTAP 9 Performance Analyse including case studies and solutions
target group:
Experienced NetApp storage administrators and architects
We suggest to visit the training „ST200c ONTAP 9.x Admin Basics" or "ST221c ONTAP 9.x Data Protection & High Availability“ before. Also we recommend to have at least 9 to 12 months experience with ONTAP administration.
This training provides basics about the performance analysis on Netapp systems and ONTAP. This includes the NetApp hardware, software and tools for the data analysis.
duration: 5 days
price: 4500,- Euro + VAT
Netapp Training Units: 60

You can find the print view here.
Will be scheduled on request
Please let us know here, when you prefer to have this workshop!

  • Introducing the following topics:
    • Physical and logical errors: e.g. fragmentation, misalignment, small IOs, reconstructs, silent data corruption
    • Further „anti-bully“, „fairness limitations“ like TCP-Windowsize, buffer credits, quality of service and CMD queue limits for storage
    • What are the effects?
    • How can we recognize them?
    • Countermeasures from NetApp: lost write protection, free space reallocate, read reallocate, dedupe, compression, compaction, VAAI, ODX, thin provisioning

  • The mathematical basics:
    • Queueing theory and the correct use of filer performance analysis
    • Detect Open and closed loads, single threaded & parallel loads at clients
  • ONTAP commands to identify…
    • Highest latencies
    • Highest IO loads
    • Highest data throughputs
    • Biggest queues
  • Performance tuning:
    • HDD + PAM = Flash Cache
    • HDD + SSD = Flash Pool (Hybrid Aggregate)
    • SSD only = All Flash FAS (AFF)
    • Flexgroup
    • Presentation: which optimizations are possible and rational in each case?
  • Sizing:
    • Adequate consideration of the client IOs
    • Estimation of the additional housekeeping IOs from a filer
    • Size of the metadata and the working set

  • Overview of external monitoring tools:
    • System Manager
    • OnCommand Unified Manager with OnCommand Performance Manager
    • Harvest, Graphite, Grafana

  • Troubleshooting configuration errors (HW / SW)

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